This lady is learning code with Ladies Learning Code!


Ladies Learning Code.

So I’m sitting in the middle of the room at the Center for Social Innovation watching Wes Bos teach us how to edit the code for our sidebar in our WordPress theme. This is me dipping my toe into WordPress…and I LOVE it!

This morning I spent the morning with the great girls at my table Jeannette, Haley and Sarah-Joyce learning to install, hack and navigate our way to creating and customizing a Word Press theme. Sounds scary right? But it’s not! The lovely ladies at Ladies Learning Code make it easy by providing a wonderful environment with a 4:1 student to teacher ratio to slowly learn how to make a site your own.

What’s WordPress?

WordPress originally used to power blogs but is now used to power whole sites. Who’s using WordPress? Well for starters I learned thatย  CNN, The National Post, Mashable and Jay-Z all use WordPress to power their sites. That sh*t cray!

Who comes to Ladies Learning Code (LLC)?

Everyone! We had both users who create, edit and manage sites come for a refreshers and newbies like me who come to learn. There’s nothing more exciting than the squeal of success when we installed WordPress the first time.

Who helps make LLC happen?

More than 200 developers are on the LLC list that want to give up their time/expertise to make events like this possible. There were easily 22 people at the end of the day standing up at the front of the CSI stage who helped out today. ๐Ÿ™‚ Not all the mentors were coders by day – some of them were auditors, teachers and such. Really appreciate all the time. ๐Ÿ™‚

So what will I do with this knowledge?

Well as you can all see my blog is a little…drab. So I might be taking this new knowledge and spicing this bad boy up sometime soon so keep your eyes open to that!


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