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Hi I’m Aleks – and I love caffeine. Specifically, I’m a coffee girl. And if you followed me on Instagram or Twitter you’d know this as I’m often posting pictures of various coffees I like to drink. There’s nothing better than the smell of full-bodied perfection in the early mornings. I dare you to show […]

This lady is learning code with Ladies Learning Code!

If you’re looking for tips on how to make this year’s shopping activities one of joy (and less bah humbug), read this post! Let’s repair your relationship with shopping venues and give you something to celebrate – like staying on budget, avoiding the crowds, and never being left without a host/hostess gift even if the invitation to a party is last minute.

Happy 20th anniversary to Nirvana’s Nevermind album, one that was my door to grunge and a staple on my playlists. This is my “thank you” for the music.

Went to my first ever TIFF movie thanks to Diet Coke! Took in a fabulous Quebecois comedy called Starbuck and here are my thoughts.

I took a night class this past spring and found it to be such a wonderful, stimulating experience. I forgot how much I loved school! Here are some reasons why I recommend everyone should take a few continuing education courses long after your post-secondary education is done.

I have a confession – I love to blog but I’m notorious for not publishing a lot of posts (and I mean a LOT of posts). Yes, my draft box is full. But I’m working on it…and this post is the first step. 🙂