About Me

Hi, I’m Aleksandra – a Gen Y communications professional living and working here in busy, bustling Toronto. Those that know me would call me a communications and digital media junkie in heels.

I’m a lover of technology, fitness, organization and décor. Yup – my computer’s bookmarks file is as eclectic as they get. Although I can frankenstein PC’s together, I prefer my MacBook but make no mistake I am nobody’s fangirl! Apparently I also make up verbs (like frankensteining – the art of putting together random pieces to kinda make a whole). I’ve recently discovered I am addicted to organizing my apps – I have a folder on my iPhone purely dedicated to all the photography apps I use (yes it’s sad, no I don’t care). Passionate about social media, my iPhone is always attached to my hip and I suffer from phantom vibrations often…maybe even now.

I love to curate content – I pin and stumble upon things I find fascinating. I facebook my thoughts, flickr my photos, and blip my tunes. My experience is linked in while my life is both tweeted and blogged. I love bringing people together and sparking insightful conversations so you’ll find me connected 365/24/7.

Come join me as I navigate through social media, technology and life.

This is my blog, and these are my musings.

10 things you need to know about me:

  1. I am a communications junkie – without a connection to the Internet and my cell phone by my side I feel so naked I can’t function. That’s normal, right?
  2. I believe that reading is the key to intelligent conversation.  So please read all the (damn) time.
  3. I’m a music lover. As a classically trained pianist I’m a bit of an audiophile. My taste is as eclectic as they come and sometimes I need to edit my iTunes collection when people come over because it’s just that random.
  4. I have this soft spot for animals and it’s |———————— this ————————| big.
  5. I’m a gym-bunny and have a passion for fitness and nutrition.  You’ll find many a magazine/book on my bookshelf and dozens of websites bookmarked in my browser.
  6. I’ve got this thing for organization.  My notes in university were colour-coded because it helped me organize information.  Fast forward to today: I have collections of inspiring design pictures in my Evernote – most of them are of colour-coordinated bookshelves, closets, and desks.
  7. I may come in a compact package but I am a whirlwind of energy!
  8. Although I love to cook, baking is my forte. Ask me about my killer cheesecake recipes.
  9. A lot of what I say is dripping with sarcasm so try not to take me *too* seriously.
  10. I try to live by the adage of “Inspire to be yourself”.

Want to know more?  Follow me on Twitter to learn a bit more about what makes me tick.

Check out my first post here to find out why I started this blog. 🙂


3 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Hi Aleksandra,

    My name is Diane and I work for Matchstick Inc, a word of mouth marketing agency in Toronto. After reading a few posts on your blog I thought you would be very interested in attending an event for The Macallan Scotch-Whisky.

    We are looking for online publishers from the Greater Toronto Area that would be interested in attending one of a series of exclusive scotch tasting events from The Macallan being held November 23rd and 24th at 99 Sudbury street. If you’re a fan of scotch-whisky then you will want to check out the event because it will feature several expressions of single malts as well as a tasting tutorial from The Macallan brand ambassador.

    If you’re interested in attending this event please let me know and I can give more details.

    Thanks and keep up the great blogging


    • Hi Diane,

      Thanks for the comment and glad you like the blog. I’m always interested in hearing about all the fun events going on in Toronto! I’ve added an email button on my right-hand menu. Feel free to shoot me an email and we’ll chat.

      Talk soon,


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