Life list

Because I keep thinking I can do things later, I’ve decided to post my life list to keep myself accountable and remind myself why the heck I was put on this earth.

I will regret if I do not:

  1. Publish a blog (Checkmate! Β This is it!)
  2. Publish a book (Ambitious much?)
  3. Teach a yoga class (…if even once)
  4. Learn to cook (…and I mean really cook)
  5. Host a big dinner party (Think more than 50 people)
  6. Be on Tech TV (G4) at least once
  7. Compete in a fitness competition (FAME!)
  8. Rock at public speaking – in fact, be a speaker!
  9. Travel once a year to another country (Cuba 2009; Mexico 2010, Poland 2011, USA 2012)
  10. Travel all over my fatherland (Poland)
  11. Grow my own veggies/fruit/herbs (…on my balcony if I must!)
  12. Finish my piano lessons
  13. Get an SLR and learn how to use it
  14. Ensure the above pics are published somewhere (Not here…that doesn’t count!)
  15. Teach a college/university level course (Taught a Continuing Education course at Seneca in 2011)
  16. Run a 5 minute mile
  17. Finish a half marathon (I already feel bad for & am proud of future me)
  18. Heck with it – let’s add in a marathon too
  19. …And while we’re feeling ambitious a tri-athalon (See swimming comment for item #47)
  20. Make one piece of furniture to put in my home
  21. Go to a yoga retreat somewhere tropical
  22. Donate a substantial amount to charity (4 figures – decimals don’t count)
  23. Be an online influencer
  24. Refinish one piece of old furniture (Old = over 50 years old)
  25. Map my family tree (Up to the grandparents of my grandparents)
  26. Host a charitable event
  27. Create a website from scratch
  28. Complete a 10k (I’ve run two Sporting Life 10k’s – 2009 & 2010!)
  29. Watch a UFC fight live (Attended the first UFC broadcasted in Canada. GSP fought in Toronto in 2011!)
  30. Learn how to use turntables
  31. Visit The Great Wall of China
  32. Visit Venice, Italy
  33. Visit Stonehenge
  34. See whales & dolphins in their natural habitat (You know..the ocean!)
  35. Experience zero gravity (Seriously Virgin, where is your consumer experience for those that can’t afford the trip to space?)
  36. Attend a bootcamp (…and kick some serious ass at it…army styles)
  37. Learn to shoot a gun (Riffle preferably but handgun will do too)
  38. Be on the radio
  39. Be on television (Think personality/guest/subject matter expert vs goofy interview on the street)
  40. Attend a TED conference (How does one get on that VIP list?)
  41. Pose for Maxim (Watch out Megan Fox…I got this!)
  42. Attend FIFA
  43. Attend the Olympics (Preferably winter over summer but I’ll take either)
  44. Become more involved in politics
  45. Go zip-lining (I am crazy afraid of heights but this could be SO FUN)
  46. Go on a police ride-a-long (Do they do these anymore I wonder?)
  47. Learn to surf (Know why this is scary? Cos I don’t do so well with water either. See heights #45)
  48. Visit the Great Barrier Reef
  49. Have a baby (Even better, a traditional family…but that’s all pie in the sky. Baby before 35.)
  50. Take ballet lessons again
  51. Learn to dance in the contemporary style
  52. Learn how to play gee-tar (I just borrowed my cousin’s classical guitar. Now to figure it out.Β  Hmmmmm….)
  53. ….

11 Responses to “Life list”

  1. So I noticed the RT for your “Top 10 reasons why you should go to #TwestivalTO” and thoroughly enjoyed your writing style. Intigued by your way with words, I continued on and explored your blog (happy I did) and noticed we’ve got lots in common! Some of the accomplishments you’ve listed here are also things I’ve love to do.

    Looking forward to meetin ya on Thursday! πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks so much for the kind words Zemina! Makes my day to hear that someone enjoys what I write about.

    Come find me this Thursday and we’ll chat. I’m pretty loud – you’ll hear me before you see me haha!

  3. lol..sounds like a plan! Looking forward to meeting ya! πŸ™‚

  4. 4 Sean

    #28 – Turntables…

    Do you mean like wooka wooka scratch boom type DJ stuff?

  5. 6 Ross

    Visiting The Great Wall of China is a must for me as well…I’m hoping they’ll let me drive a scooter the entire length but something tells me I’ll find myself in china jail… Best of luck with the rest of your goals, I’m sure you’ll rock it!

  6. Alisaan,

    Thanks for including me in your blogroll! I’m honoured!


  7. 10 Karen

    Love your bucket list Alison, reminds me that I still need to create one for myself. πŸ™‚

    • Karen – it was a hard list to put together (and quite frankly it seems to keep growing before it gets any smaller) but it’s also nice to finally cross some items off. πŸ™‚

      Let me know when you have yours up – would love to see it.

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