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Back to school is a wonderful time for most students – seeing friends, filling up social calendars, and a lot of hard work. Here’s my breakdown of a couple cool apps/tech buys that will help you get your game face on this fall.


Hello and welcome to my liveblog of some of the #pcto2012 sessions I’ve gone to. I’ll clean this up at the end of the day but until then, enjoy my musings.

Pinterest – everything you need to know about the social networking site making a stir in 2012.

This lady is learning code with Ladies Learning Code!

If you’re looking for tips on how to make this year’s shopping activities one of joy (and less bah humbug), read this post! Let’s repair your relationship with shopping venues and give you something to celebrate – like staying on budget, avoiding the crowds, and never being left without a host/hostess gift even if the invitation to a party is last minute.

Let me ask you something – do you sometimes feel like a little spread thin when it comes to your social networks? Between the Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress, Tumblr, and Foursquares of the world where does Google+ fit in?

I have a confession – I love to blog but I’m notorious for not publishing a lot of posts (and I mean a LOT of posts). Yes, my draft box is full. But I’m working on it…and this post is the first step. 🙂