Why I’m still taking courses long after university


I laid out my items the night before. Yes kids, I'm all ready for class!

As many of you may have heard, I’m currently taking a night course through the Canadian Marketing Association to acquire a Digital Marketing certificate.  w00t!

Now as many peeps have asked me, why are you taking classes long after university and post-grad has ended for you? Good question. Lemme start by saying – HEY! My post-secondary/post-graduate education was NOT that long ago!

Sorry I digress – the question was why am I still taking courses? Right…good question! In fact, while creating my study notes I may have asked myself the same question, mumbling it under my breath. In all honestly I love school *nerd alert*. I find it really stimulating, challenging and all around good fun (pending you’re taking courses you have interest in and now…let’s say…accounting). Here’s why I recommend everyone should take some continuing education courses during their lives long after they think they’ve finished school forever…

Stay in school

1. Keeps ya sharp – Always learning means always flexing those muscles! I like a big healthy brain. 🙂

2. Contributions abound – I feel like I can really bring some insight to the table regarding digital marketing (versus people seeing me as a marketing geek who just happens to be doing digital in my personal life). Plus, I’ve caught up on some facets of digital marketing I previously was not comfortable talking about (in my case, SEM & SEO which is now my new language. YAY!).

3. I love school – No really, I do. I just feel like I’m never wasting time in school. I always chose my classes wisely in a way that would benefit me down the line but something I’d still really enjoy learning about. Plus, sometimes it’s nice to have something outside of your everyday routine (whether you’re working or not) that challenges and stimulates you.

4. Expand your network – I love meeting new people and always rave about getting out there and being involved and this is just another way to do that. I’ve met some really interesting people in my classes and hope that we stay in touch long after it’s done.

5. Stay on top of your changing world – Digital marketing today is not what it was five years ago. The world is changing so quickly often times it’s nice to get a refresher to see what you’ve missed or round out those skills you think need smoothing over. I’m sure other fields are the same way.

6. Return on investment – Sure, classes costs money and money doesn’t grow on trees (but if it does, be sure to holla at ya girl!). If you’re interested in a class that pertains to your work, see if your company has an education program that helps cover some of that cost. Not sure if they do, talk to your manager or someone in HR. Might be worth looking into – what’s the worst that could happen? They say no and you fund it yourself. Additionally, if you are gunning for your next role (or a different role), continuing your education can help you springboard that goal into reality.

And me? Well I hope to take more classes in the future but it takes a lot of time/energy to keep up with which can be difficult if you’re like me and already have a full calendar to keep up with. 😉 Courses are a big investment of time, money and effort but their benefits definitely outweigh the drawbacks.

So have any of you taken night classes/gone back to school? How did you feel when you went back? What course(s) did you take? Did it help with your career advancement?

Random Aside – my class has since finished and am waiting on final marks


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