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Hello and welcome to my liveblog of some of the #pcto2012 sessions I’ve gone to. I’ll clean this up at the end of the day but until then, enjoy my musings. Advertisements

Here’s a quick and dirty look at how I explain Facebook vs. Twitter. 🙂

Since becoming actively involved on Twitter I’ve been to some crazy fun events and I expect this Thursday will be no different! If you are in the Toronto area, you want to have some fun AND do some good please get your ticket to #TwestivalTO. Want to know more about the event, the charity or perhaps just read my Top 10 Reasons to go to TwestivalTO? It’s all here baby!

  I once heard a Chinese Proverb that changed my life: “One who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it.” I’m not a tattoo person myself, but I must admit I’ve often thought about getting that prominently inked on my body because it’s what automatically runs through my mind when […]

Social media marketing is continually growing as business attempt to reach their consumers and create meaningful conversations with them. Check out these great visual stats posted by Flowtown about small to medium-sized business spending on social media.

Yes it’s true I am a bit of a bookworm and since I’ve been unemployed I realized I was reading a lot of books and subsequently being asked a lot of questions about what I thought about a particular book or whether I recommended a book be read. I decided to blog it all for your curiousity and amusement! If you have any recommendations, please add them! 🙂