He sits on my desk at work and watches me type from behind my monitor. Although he’s prominently visible, many people don’t give him a second look. He’s my little guardian – a testament to who I was once and who I’ve continued to evolve and become.

This is Kurt Cobain.

This is Kurt Cobain in 12 inches of plastic glory. The outfit, pose and scenery (notice the gym floor he’s standing on) is from the epic anthem “Smells Like Teen Spirit” from the Nevermind album. Today marks the 20th anniversary of its release. With the anniversary comes a special collector’s edition of Nevermind. I’m not going to sit here and tell you what’s in the 20th special edition album. Nay nay. You can Google that. What I will tell you is about why that album is so special to me.

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Patrick Huard as David Wozniak (aka Starbuck). Image credit: http://www.lindaleith.com

What’s Starbuck?

Starbuck is a feature film by director Ken Scott inspired by a true story of a bull (named Starbuck, duh) who fathered thousands of children through artificial insemination.

Cue David Wozniak (played by Patrick Huard) – he works a dead-end job as a meat delivery man, just found out his gf is pregnant, owes crazy amounts of money to some thugs, and finds out he’s fathered a few hundred children from his numerous sperm bank donations way back in the day (apparently he has strong swimmers).

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Here's part of my Google + screen. Still figuring out how to use this network so it's not a repeat of Facebook or Twitter.

Let me ask you something – do you sometimes feel like a little spread thin when it comes to your social networks? I mean between my social networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and now Google+), my location-based services (Foursquare, Hashable and Google Latitude) and my blog (WordPress and the still unknown fate of Tumblr that I haven’t quite worked out the det’s for) I’m not feeling like I’m giving 100% of myself to any one network. Continue reading ‘How many social networks is too many?’

I laid out my items the night before. Yes kids, I'm all ready for class!

As many of you may have heard, I’m currently taking a night course through the Canadian Marketing Association to acquire a Digital Marketing certificate.  w00t!

Now as many peeps have asked me, why are you taking classes long after university and post-grad has ended for you? Good question. Lemme start by saying – HEY! My post-secondary/post-graduate education was NOT that long ago!

Sorry I digress – the question was why am I still taking courses? Right…good question! In fact, while creating my study notes I may have asked myself the same question, mumbling it under my breath. In all honestly I love school *nerd alert*. I find it really stimulating, challenging and all around good fun (pending you’re taking courses you have interest in and now…let’s say…accounting). Here’s why I recommend everyone should take some continuing education courses during their lives long after they think they’ve finished school forever…

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Wishing the Vancouver Canucks luck during game six of the Stanley Cup Finals. Hoping Luongo will get a chance to lift this bad boy soon – either this game or next.

G’luck boys!!!

Updated: Fair warning I did have a convo this am about my ideal Stanley Cup win which would be game seven in Vancouver so maybe the first part of game six is just trying to make that happen. I just didn’t picture it as 4-0 in the first five minutes of the first period! 😛

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