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This is for my mother – the coolest mom I could ever hope to have. Happy birthday!


As Thanksgiving weekend fast approaches, take some time to count your blessings. Here are some of mine!

Mario pwnage


I love side scrolling games. I’ve been playing them forever. In fact, some of my fondest childhood memories was of me playing Duke Nukem in my parents basement. Check out this post to find out why gaming holds a special warm and fuzzy place in my heart!

My biggest fans


I love seeing my family – they’re my biggest fans. No matter what the celebration (big or small) or how badly I may think I have messed up when I’ve had a bad day, they are there to lift me up or dry my tears. My family rocks – even that crazy uncle who intentionally mispronounces your name as a misguided sign of affection. 😉 Tell me a little about your family – blood related/adopted – and I’ll give you some great stories about mine. 🙂