Why I’m excited for Podcamp 2011


I love Podcamp! It’s my favourite unconference of the year and I’m excited that Podcamp 2011 is just around the corner – this weekend in fact at the Rogers Communications Centre at Ryerson University. πŸ™‚

All the cool kids are going!

So what is Podcamp?

Well when you check out the site it’ll say:

PodCamp Toronto 2011 is Canada’s largest gathering of members of the new media community. We’ve been having PodCamps in Toronto since 2007.

So what does it all mean? It’s basically where the those interested in new/digital media come together (think writers, bloggers, PR peeps, photographers, vloggers, etc) to talk shop in a welcoming environment often with education and hilarious results. πŸ™‚

Ok but what’s an unconference?

It’s a facilitated participation driven event – it’s not about people talking at you but rather talking with you. Best part is anyone can present. Yes, that’s right! Amateurs, pro’s, veterans, and n00bs- anyone! All you need is a great idea.

Check out this year’s awesome list of presenters and topics. There’s always something for everyone!

Why you should go to Podcamp this year

Need reasons to go? Well I’ve got 10 right here!

  1. It’s free! That’s right – free. As in zilch dollars. When one is saving money for a condo (*cough* click here for post *cough*) one cannot afford to go to fancy conferences that cost $500 for a day’s worth of info (no matter how amazing it may be).
  2. It’s quality info. Sure there’s going to be a few interesting topics you might be skeptical about at first (Twitter Dating…aka Twating…is a session?!) but those topics are exactly the ones that may provide some great insights into our changing world! Not to mention getting to see the brightest minds (like let’s the say the VP of one of the best Digital teams in the agency in Toronto, maybe?) present on the topics they live and breath!
  3. Participation. On of my favourite things about these “unconferences” is the participation aspect. It’s one thing to hear someone talk about Crisis Communications (let’s say) but it’s a whole other when the audience starts sharing their experiences and learnings. It’s very much a group learning environment. I can honestly say there is no way you will find another time or space filled with enthusiasts keen to share, learn and have a great time!
  4. The revolution will be tweeted. Sure even if for some reason you can’t go to Podcamp you can follow the Twitter hashtags (#pcto2011 for Podcamp Toronto in 2011) and get all the great insights from wherever you are. Two great sessions going on at once? Follow the hashtag and you can catch up on what’s happened after or during your session!
  5. Meet awesome people. I hate the word networking – it sounds so cold. Like you’re only meeting people because they’ll benefit you some way later. No, no. I guess you could do that at Podcamp but that’s not the point. You meet great people – real people – that may become some of your best friends. I can truly say some of my best friends I’ve met through Twitter events and at Podcamp!
  6. Innovation and creativity abound! At Podcamp you won’t just get to talk about what’s relevant in social media today. You’ll also talk about upcoming trends and ideas that will happen in the future! It’s amazing to hear someone speak at Podcamp about an idea they’ve had or something they believe will happen and watch it unfold before your very eyes in the weeks/months to come after. It’s like you were there before it happened. I call it the Nostradamus affect (only for realz!).
  7. The. Party. Normally there is a party afterwards and I would be remiss not to discuss the awesome opportunities to mingle with your peeps after the conference on a Saturday night. πŸ™‚
  8. I’ll be there! Ok this might not be the most convincing reason but I love meeting new peeps! Come out and say hello!
  9. Bring your toys. Gadgets are welcome! There’s always free wifi and there’s usually a sponsored charging station where you can drop off your gadgets (safely) and charge em up while you attend your sessions allowing you to keep the information a flowing. πŸ™‚
  10. Because you’ll regret it. I know that’s a bold statement but it’s true. Podcamp is the talk of the town and has some great insights. Every year I go I’m motivated to come up with a topic and present. Next year….

Hope to see you all there! I’ll try to update this post in the comments and let you know what sessions I’m planning on attending. πŸ™‚
What sessions are you most looking forward to?


2 Responses to “Why I’m excited for Podcamp 2011”

  1. See you there Ali!

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