Is any press, good press?


Over the past week or so, I’ve been following the unsettling news about the current conflict in Egypt. Let me begin my post by saying that my thoughts and prayers go out to those who are there, have family/friends there.

The Internet’s been abuzz over a very controversial tweet posted yesterday by Kenneth Cole’s Twitter account:

Image credit: Screenshot of the Kenneth Cole tweet in question.

This begs the question – is any press, good press nowadays?

On one hand the Internet is permanent. Even if that tweet is deleted, screenshots of it will live on. The email forwards about this bad decision (and yes my opinion is that it was indeed a bad decision) will continue to spread. In fact, Internet memes for this have already started. Check out @KennethColePR (in the same vein as @BPGlobalPR) who’ve been mocking the designer via their own Twitter account:

Image credit: Screenshot of the Kenneth Cole PR Internet meme. (Big thanks to Roger for pointing this out to me!)

But Internet popularity is fleeting. One would say no longer is it 15 minutes of fame but rather 15 seconds. If that. Old memes make way for new ones. So was this really so bad?

What do you think of the whole thing? Are you angry? Do you care? Was this a win or a fail on behalf of the brand? Should they take down the tweet?

Although those behind the Kenneth Cole Twitter account have made an apology (below) has your perception of the brand changed because of this one tweet? Does the apology make a difference?

Image credit: Screenshot of the Kenneth Cole apology.


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