Today is Ashtanga Yoga day – it’s a day of much hassle that brings me much calm. In fact, it’s my favourite day of the week!

It’s a day where I take a giant gym bag of stuff (I am such a bag lady) and trek it through rush hour on the TTC to get to my (always bustling) gym to wait in line outside the studio so I can get in early and take a spot at the back of class (it’s nice and dark) for Ashtanga Yoga.

*wipes brow*
<sarcasm> Oh the joy. I don’t know if I’ll be able to hold it all in. </sarcasm>

No but really – getting to class is a hassle, but once I’m in class my entire world melts away….so….very…good.

Desk Yoga

Yoga – keeping my sanity in tact since 2005. (Image credit: Found at

So why do I do it?

  1. It’s a crazy good workout. I am sore in a way I don’t feel after lifting weights for days after a session. I am noticing that I can move with more power and control. I am moving pins down on the weight stacks. It’s an amazing to feel yourself gain strength so quickly!
  2. It keeps my sanity. I find yoga to be a place where my only focus is on my yogi’s voice and my breathing. No racing mind thinking about work, other people, or my to do’s for the night. It’s the one thing I do for me.
  3. My yogi, Lily, kicks ass. She is petite (like me) but crazy strong which is really encouraging. She leads us through a challenging series of posture with such a calm, soothing voice that makes it easy to relax.
  4. Ashtanga is amazing. It’s not as slow as Hatha but the regime is not as strict as Bikram. I find it’s a great mixture of flexibility, strength and meditation for me.

This is part of my greater resolution to find work/life balance in 2011 as well as to focus on my health which always gets pushed aside when things get busy.
How are all your resolutions going? Would love to hear if you’re staying on track!



4 Responses to “Namaste”

  1. 1 Bill Smith

    I just started an intro to yoga class a few weeks ago and it’s not as easy as it looks. I usually do a mixture of weight training and cardio (running on a treadmill). Two classes in, I’m more mindful of my breathing and my balance starting to improve and it will be part of my workout regime going forward to shake things up.

    • Bill that’s great news! You know, I was in the best shape of my life when I combined yoga, weight lifting and running. As they say – everything in moderation.

      So glad to hear your yoga is helping you. Dare I ask what type you practice? Some of the most popular forms are: Moshka, Bikram, Ashtanga, and Hatha.

  2. 3 Alex

    Flexibility has always been a constant challenge for me, even when I was training for my black belt. I think I need to get into a regular yoga practice. I’ve dabbled in it, but never made a longer-term commitment to it.

    • I totally understand what you mean but the good thing is that yoga is done at your own pace. Which means for some moves you might be able to do the advanced, flexible poses and for others you won’t.

      Being flexible as a requirement of yoga is a myth. (Check out this great article about that here: but you may find you’ll slowly gain flexibility as you continue your practice.

      As always, don’t try to force it. Yoga is not about comparing yourself to others but rather focusing on yourself.

      Good luck and let me know how it goes!


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