Dla Mamusi (For My Mother)



This is my mother and I at a party. My mother is in the gray and black shirt (far left) and I am in the pink plaid dress (between blue overalls and the striped dress). Image credit: Jan's Facebook

This is for my mother – the coolest mom I could ever hope to have. From as young as I can remember my mom had the coolest shoes. Measuring in at just under 5 foot 1, she would wear the highest and sexiest stilettos you’ve ever seen. My friends and I would come to wear them while we played house for years to come – specifically the round pointed, 4 inch high black suede ones. Oh if only my foot were a size 5 like hers!

My mom loved being outside. She used to take us on bike rides, picnics, and on this epic hikes while camping. In fact I think it’s probably her influence that we went camping every summer! We bought a tent trailer and we’d go to these obscure camp grounds that were always 8-9 hour drives from our house. Northern part of Algonquin? Been there, done that! We’d never hook up the water or electricity to the trailer – we always roughed it. And although I may not be the most “roughing it” kind of gal with my phobia of all insects (I run from butterflies) and my low tolerance to anything under 20 degrees Celcius, it’s because of these trips you’ll find me outside all the time so long as it’s not winter (I’m not great with the cold).

Here's my parents in Cuba for our family trip of 2008. We spend entire days by the ocean. Image credit: My Facebook

My love of the beach was her love too. We used to drive to Ipperwash and drove the car onto the sand by our towels an listen to music. My mom was a fish in the water. I could swim but not as gracefully as she could. We’d spend entire days at the beach arriving at 8 sometimes 9 in the morning leaving way past dinner. We had so much fun. We would scan the shore for rocks and shells. I would later do the same with my younger sister.

When things were tough I would cry on her shoulder. When things were good we would shop together. She took me to Poland for my 18th birthday. Was one of the best times of my life (even if I was horribly ill that week in Cieszyn).

This is my mother (middle) busting a move with my sister (far left) and my cousin-in-law (far right). Image credit: My Facebook

My mother loves to dance and for all you wondering yes this is where I got my bust-a-move skillz. She is always the last one on the dance floor at any wedding.

This is my Mom & Dad at a wedding. Image credit: My Facebook

Mamusia ja cie strasznie kocham. I nadzieję, że pewnego dnia mogę być niesamowite matka, tak jak ty jestes dla nas.

Happy birthday!


One Response to “Dla Mamusi (For My Mother)”

  1. This is a very nice post. I’m calling my mom after this comment.

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