C’est Halloween


So besides Christmas, Halloween is my favourite time of year. I take it seriously. I want to be that house when if I ever move to the suburbs. You know, all out decorated with a full on haunted house to walk through? (Check out last night’s episode of Modern Family for an idea of what I mean. I think it only streams in Canada – sorry!)

Oh yeah.
I’m on it.

But until then, I take my Halloween spirit out on pumpkins. The night before my dear friend Larry’s birthday, we carved a pumpkin for his house party. Isn’t it awesome?

Larry & I's creation - Spooks Magee!

Me (right - Sarah Palin) & my PIC Cheryl (left - Witch) delivering Boograms at work

And from those lessons and my ridiculous nature to take things too far, my co-worker Cheryl and I came up with this bad boy for our group’s pumpkin carving contest. (Breaking News: We won for scariest pumpkin!! YAY!)

Cheryl & I would make pretty creative but misunderstood elementary school teachers, wouldn'twe?

Don’t worry I’ll find a way to put up the other amazing entries in a slideshow format in the next day or two!

But whatever way you choose to celebrate Halloween this year, please make sure to keep it spooky and keep it safe!

I’m Sarah Palin, signing off:

I can see Russia from my house!! Rogue for Prez!

See you in 2012, baby!



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