My first tasting menu


I’ve always told people I have a cool job and by God I stand by it. But I know lots of other people with cool jobs too. My friend Marie (@karmacakedotca) has a wicked job in that she is a food/culture writer who makes a living hanging out with her friends and covering the cool events that they do.

Well wouldn’t you know it she was invited to Marben‘s (@marbenresto) private Bavette’s Feast menu tasting last night and asked me to accompany her and Nat (@atubanos)to try the goods.

The Menu

The Menu at Bavette

I wish I had better pics to share with you (new phone coming soon I promise!) but please believe me when I said I died! The pairing of apple cider & vodka with summer sausage, roast beef and pork was quite literally eye openingly good.

Apple meet Pork.

Apple Cider/Vodka meets Summer Sausage/Bacon & Roast Beef Combo

John’s burger? A refined take on this back-to-basics meal. The kick of sweetness at the end was a delicious surprise – both foodies & non-foodies alike will enjoy this one.

My highlight of the night was when the chefs themselves came out to cut the Cote du Beouf in front of the guests. Amazingly tender, well seasoned, definitely a not-to-miss on this menu. Paired with autumn veggies, this was a homey touch anyone can appreciate.

All in all I had a wonderful time.

Big thanks to Marie and Nat, my PIC’s (partners in crime) and Sarah Evans of Marben for being the hostess with the mostest.

To the Marben chef’s: well done! From the pairing of the drinks to the food, the way the meals complimented each other as we went down the menu and the all around presentation – all were scrumptious. I shall be returning with a much bigger appetite next time. Promise.

Want more info on Marben? Check it –


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