Dziękuje (Thank you)


Thank You (Image credit: SUMO Blog)

Here in Canada we’re fast approaching Thanksgiving Weekend. Now my life is busy – I’m a twenty-something in Toronto living the single life all while trying to make it by. I’m constantly meeting new people, going out to events usually in support of my friends, working hard at my 9-5 & all trying to find the meaning of (my) life.

You know..the us(ual).

But just like we did in first grade, I take some time every year to be thankful for what I have because I know that I got dealt an amazing hand at life – you just need some time to realize it.  So here are my blessings that I’m counting:

1.Thanks to my amazing family – without you I would be but a shadow of the woman I’ve become. I hope that I make you proud with everything I do.

2. Thanks to my unbelievable friends – you are my home away from home. You are the shoulders I cry on and the ones that lift me up in times of joy. I only hope I have returned the favour…and if not you let me know. I got your back!

3. Thanks for my health – sure I get sick hard & often (#ImmuneSystemFail) and I’ve got a few injuries I’m mending (both knees/IT bands & a bum wrist) but in all honesty it could be worse. Because I am healthy I can work. Because I am healthy I can run & bike for charity.

4. Thanks to an amazing way of life here in Canada – I’m so fortunate to be part of a democracy, live in a gorgeous, safe country and be free to live and grow the way I want to. I don’t take a single second of that for granted. My family’s lived through two world wars & Soviet rule in only the last 100 years. I’m grateful I’ve spent 1/5 of that time here in complete and utter safety.

5. Thanks to my wonderful team at work – you make my days fly by no matter how challenging the task at hand. I love that I come into work each day and continue to learn from everyone. We laugh a lot, we help each other through the hard times and we enjoy each other’s company. A healthy team = a healthy environment.

6. Last but definitely not least thanks to my readers – I hope you’ve enjoyed reading some of what I have to say. I know I’ve been a little silent lately but I swear I will be back to my usual rowdy & loud self soon. Thanks for reading my rants, commenting on my posts, and adding in your own fantastic thoughts. I’m just here to get the convo started but I could never continue it on my own (well I could but then I’d be like that crazy lady walking down the street talking to herself only without the Bluetooth headset & person on the other line. YOU are the people on the other line making me look less crazy haha).

<The Count from Sesame Street> Six. Six Thanksgiving blessings ha ha ha. </The Count from Sesame Street>

No matter how you say it (Thank you, Danke, Dziekuje, Merci) I hope you take time to give a little thanks too! 🙂

So what’s on your list?


4 Responses to “Dziękuje (Thank you)”

  1. I really wish was a real HTML tag 😦

  2. Personally, I’m thankful for all the time I’m spending with my family lately now that I’m not under the thumb of “the man” anymore. But damn, I miss my Rogers peeps.

    • Aw I’m sure the Rogers peeps miss you too. But think for every end there lies a new beginning! #TruthfulCheese

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