Lights, 3D, Charity! (My last week in review)


Last week was nuts…in a great way! I had my plate full of fun events that I went to and I wanted to share with you a little about what I was up to! 


ING DIRECT Canada Mobile Banking Launch

LIGHTS at ING Party - Wed March 24 2010


Wednesday I attended the launch of ING DIRECT Canada’s mobile banking app’s. Launched on the BlackBerry (OS 4 and OS 5) and iPhone platforms now you can do your banking on the go…anywhere, anytime. You can also go to their mobile page if you can’t access the app (hey Android users…I’m talking to you!). 

Held at the Kool Haus, this event included had a fun atmosphere, great food and an amazing performance by Juno award winner LIGHTS (who by the way, is amazing live. Wowzers!). Want to see some of it? My friend Renee happened to have her camera and posted a great video on her blog


Thursday was also a great day because I was a busy bee; attended two events that night. 

Samsung 3D TV Launch 

The Samsung TV's in action - Blurry picture? Well you aren't wearing your 3D glasses!


The first was the Samsung 3D TV event at Andrew Richard Designs & Events. Let me start by saying it was so much fun to be invited to this event because I named 3D TV’s as one of my five tech trends to look out for in 2010. Yup I’m a dork and yup this is what I do…predict trends. And if you didn’t know…now you do. And knowing is half the battle. <– GI Joe 

And what did I think about these 3D TV’s? Um let me start by saying I should have brought a drool cloth because I was salivating big time. In typical Samsung fashion, the TV’s are gorgeous. They’re super thin, super light and emit less heat than the typical television because they’re LED. 

How as the 3D part of the television? WOW – you need to see them in action to believe it. The quality is pretty friggin amazing! Of course you’ll need an up-converting Blu-ray player and the 3D glasses if you want to watch movies/shows in 3D but fear not – Samsung will be selling the TV, the up-converting Blu-ray player and the glasses as a package at select retailers. Need more of those dork-a-licious glasses then what’s in the set? You can purchase them separately. 🙂 Because you  know if I’m gonna rock one of these at home I need at least 4. 

And what about regular television shows? Well the TV will either up-convert the programs into 3D (didn’t get to demo that) or you can watch them in regular 2D. I saw Monsters vs Aliens playing on the televisions in normal 2D and let me tell you that if you’re not quite ready to jump to 3D TV with both feet, you don’t have to. The picture is still crystal clear, bright and smooth. That’s right…I checked it out for ya. 😉 Took one for the team..and it was awesome. 


Twestival contest entry...I swear 😛 (Two girls, one shirt)


And where did I go after the Samsung event? TWESTIVAL! I was so super excited to attend this event. I myself have not been to Twestival before so I wasn’t sure what to expect except fun times. What did I get? GREAT times! 

Congrats to the organizers because Twestival was a complete success; together we raised more than $20,000 for Concern Worldwide. I was so super excited to get to meet so many great people, participate in some fun contests and best of all raise money for a good cause. It means every drink I bought, raffle ticket I purchased and donation I made went to those that needed it most and that makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. 

Sorry I didn’t get to meet you all in person (there was easily more than 400 of us at Tryst) but that means we now have an excuse to organize another event! 

So tell me…how was your week? What did you do? 

Attend Twestival? How’d you like it?


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