TwestivalTO: Have fun. Do good.


Since becoming actively involved on Twitter I’ve been to some crazy fun events and I expect this Thursday will be no different!  If you are in the Toronto area, you want to have some fun AND do some good please get your ticket to #TwestivalTO.

About Twestival

Twestival (aka Twitter Festival) is an event where local communities come together across the globe to help a good cause.  Last year, more than 400 participants raised upwards of $10,000 for Charity: Water (with a global total of $250,000!).

This year’s Twestival Toronto festivities will be held at Tryst Nightclub on Thursday, March 25th 2010…and I know you’re free because it’s a Thursday night! Tickets are still available and can be purchased on the Twestival Toronto site. Like any good event there will be fun hosts, loud music, cash bar, great company (ahem yours truly will be there!!) and more!  (Am hearing there may be some big raffles as well so bring a little extra with you!). All in all, it will be a great party with great people for a great cause.

About the cause

All proceeds from this event will go to Concern Worldwide a humanitarian organization working to improve the lives of the poorest people. You can find Concern working in Asia, Africa and the Caribbean helping people to develop and sustain a reliable source of income, food, health care systems, access to education, etc.  Their end goal is to develop sustainable improvements; improvements that can continue without any outside support. They do a lot good but like any organization they can’t do it alone.

Why attend?

What you need more reason then helping a charity in need? Geez! *Shrug* Sure, I can do that. How about a Top 10? I’m feeling very Letterman!

Top 10 reasons to go to TwestivalTO:

  1. The party. Every Twitter party (Twarty? Twevent? Whatever.) I’ve ever attended has been a great time! Us geeks know how to throw down.
  2. The tweeps. You get to meet some of your Twitter friends IRL (n00b translation: in real life) and that’s always amusing. I love matching up avatars to faces! Don’t have a pic of your face in your avatar?  Get one up before you go so people can find you!
  3. Make new friends. Don’t have any Twitter friends yet? Get out and meet new and interesting people. 🙂 I’ll be there – come say hello. I’m really nice I swear.
  4. Dance. Get on up off that thing! No really, dance it up. I hear it’s great exercise! Check out this calorie counter to find out how many calories you’ll burn dancing at TwestivalTO.
  5. Recession relief. Everyone’s gotta do their part to spend our way out of the recession. I can’t do this alone!
  6. Try new things. Haven’t been to a Twestival before? You’re not alone. In fact, this will be my first too! I’ve been to #HoHoTO’s and #HaiHaiTO’s and #CanLit but not #TwestivalTO.
  7. Photo opp’s. Let me level with you – it’s a party so there’ll always be something amusing happening you can take a pic of. Plus maybe you’ll take a great new pic for your Twitter/Facebook avatar!
  8. Blog post idea. You’ll have something to write about…but you can’t write about it if you aren’t there. Look at me all giving ideas away!
  9. Discover a new song. No, really! Haven’t you ever gone out and gone “ZOMG this song is amazing what is it?” That doesn’t happen sitting inside your living room, twiddling your thumbs on a Thursday night. (Ok maybe it does but the likelihood is higher it’ll happen at a party.)
  10. Because I said so. Pretty self explanatory I thought but you’re still reading. GO!

So to summarize I’ll see y’all this week at TwestivalTO!! Coming out? Thought I left something out of my Top 10? Leave me a comment!


17 Responses to “TwestivalTO: Have fun. Do good.”

  1. #2 and #3 are my favourite parts of these events. Meeting tweeps IRL is #FTW #justsayin

    Another thing to add to your list is the RAFFLE! So many prizes to be won and this time I WILL win a Flip cam, so help me Bob.

  2. OoOoOo Good call! At the time I wrote it, there was no consensus of the raffles so I left it out but if it’s approved I’m adding it:

    11. Raffles. Now you and I both know that when there’s a good prize I’ve danced on stage, bought enough tickets to make a suit out of and even gone through my lucky rituals (who’s blowing on my tickets this year cos Renee wasn’t very lucky at HaiHaiTO). What will YOU do for a prize?

    So, Sean…what would you do for a Flip (since that’s what you really really want *pause* Sorry I just had Spice Girls flashbacks).

  3. Well because you said so, I guess I’ll go 😉

  4. First thing that comes to mind is “What would you do for a Klondike bar? .. Would you.. would you kill a man?” – Oh Family Guy…

    Hmm I don’t know! I’d like to say I’d crowdsource that but I’d be afraid at what people suggest 😛 I remember at #HoHoTo I went all in on the Flip cams and came out with nothing 😐 but at #HoHOTo I did the same and won those ceramic “This is not a paper cup” cups (x3)

  5. Oh nice!! Yeah I spread the love around between new cell phones (I need one..mine’s fried and I’m borrowing one right now)…and did one ticket in the Flip cos I figured well I’d like one but not willing to go all in just yet cos everyone wants one. 😛

    It’s all about strategy! Obviously I need to readjust mine because as of yet I haven’t won anything (but I do well at stag n doe’s!). 😛

  6. you also forgot that last year’s was an amazing time!

    I will also go because of most of your reasons though, except for #9. While I love nothing more than discovering new music, I will never ever ever type OMG with a Z in front. I’ll barely type things like OMG or LOL as it is. I’m just anti.

    Also, if you want some more reasons to go, check out my post about #Twestival here:

  7. It will also be my first TwestivalTO event! Glad I’m not the only one. Looking forward to going for all the reasons you’ve stated above. Looks like most of my followers won’t be attending but that’s fine, I’ll meet lots of new people to follow. It is shaping up to be a very cool event. Hope to meet lots of you there. And I haven’t gone out dancing in ages! Just warning you 😉

  8. 11. Raffle prizes! What would you do for some of these amazing prizes:

  9. Extension of all of the #s. DRINKING. #1 It makes the party funner, #2 the tweeps crazier, #3 you introduce yourself to more new friends, #4 you dance more, #5 you spend more money (for a good cause), #6 you may try new things that you might not have otherwise #7 oooohhhh the photos that will be taken, hopefully you won’t have to de-tag too many! #8 embarassing story blog post 🙂 #9 “SHOT THROUGH THE HEART! AND YOUR TO BLAME! DARLING… YOU GIVE LOVE… A BAD NAME! #10 no brainer!

    Meeting up for dinner/drinks before hand if anyone is interested!

    See everyone tonight!

  10. The fantasy: “I just got a new smartphone and I made a point to get the one with the best camera on it. This is going to be my first opportunity to really put it to the test and take some great pictures of some of my favorite people!”

    The reality: “Oh damn, my battery’s dead already.” and “Turn your wifi off, it kills your battery.”

    Too bad, because that was a great party.

  11. Christina
    Hope you enjoyed the event! It was my first Twestival and I LOVED it. So much fun and everywhere I was turning I either 1. knew someone there or 2. were meeting new people. Amazing!! 🙂 What was your highlight?

    Haha – oh Sean. It’s always hard to take your phone to an event when you aren’t quite sure of the battery life on it. LCD screens and 3G when you’re always sending/receiving (think if a Twitter client is open) can suck the battery life out of any phone…including my BB. 😛 You’ll be laughing this time next week. 🙂 Glad you had an amazing time though. See you Thursday!

    • I didn’t get to meet as many people as I would have liked. 😦 To fix that I am going to be even more active on Twitter so I know more tweeps at the next event I attend. It was great to get out and support a good cause. The few that I did meet were cool. I just found out about #RandomTO meet ups so I’ll follow that stream and hopefully join them soon. Catch you at the next event!

      • You know what? You gotta start somewhere! When I went to my first event I didn’t know many people either. I met 3 entire people that night. My second event I met easily more than 10…and so on and so on. 🙂

        I’m just glad you took the first step to come out! Sorry I missed you – let’s plan that better next time. 😉 Perhaps we’ll tweet a meeting place and time or something. There’s an event every month or so (perhaps not always of that magnitude mind you) so I’m sure we’ll run into each other!

  12. Great list! I especially like what you say about avatars. A lot of people have goofy or unrecognizable photos – which I get for privacy reasons, but really. Come on. If you want people to recognize you post a photo that looks EXACTLY like you. It helps if your IRL meeting isn’t awkward 😉

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