My biggest fans


The squirrels pose better than half the family portraits in the Google Images library. (Photo Credit:


I love seeing my family – they’re my biggest fans.  No matter what the celebration (big or small) or how badly I may think I have messed up when I’ve had a bad day, they are there to lift me up or dry my tears. 

Your friends are an extension of your family…the family you adopt – the brother you never had, sister you’ve always wanted or perhaps a crazy uncle that intentionally mispronounces your name as a misguided sign of affection (I’m looking at you Uncle Tan!). 

Who have you adopted lately?

Are you surrounding yourself with the right people? People who will support you, cheer you on? People who bring you back down to earth? <–when needed of course *wink* People who fuel your creativity, your drive, your crazy schemes at 3 am? Are they the people who will bail you out if you get thrown in jail?  Or perhaps they’re the ones sitting in the cell with you? 

As you go through life you will inevitably have both good times and bad and it’s important to have that support group to celebrate when things are good but also to console you and lift you up when you’re down. 

My family rocks. Tell me a little about your family – blood related/adopted – and I’ll give you some great stories about mine. 🙂


4 Responses to “My biggest fans”

  1. 1 Sean

    My family is the shit. People come around and don’t know what to do because we party and most people are a little more prim and proper and putting on airs where the family is concerned. On the weekend we did a family outing to a restaurant and a woman who works for my Mother came along. She did not know what to do in the face of playing 80s dance hits way too loud and my bravura vocal performance of Somebody’s Watching Me with my mother on the harmonies. And behind all the silliness is knowing that these people have your back and we all help each other with anything. It’s been a long road to get here after many years of chaos and strife, but it’s pretty great to be here now.

  2. 2 chris

    I would hardly call it misguided!

  3. The thing I love about my family is that we are ourselves no matter who’s around.
    I was looking through old photographs of my grandmother and grandfather (both passed) from the war-time era and that’s when this post came to life.

    My grandparents lived in Poland during WWII and the Nazi occupation. It wasn’t a great time to be sure but they really made due. In one pic my grandfather was dressed up in my grandmother’s Slask costume (the traditional dress that area of Poland wore) complete with headscarf!

    Halloween you say?

    Nope – not a holiday that exist for us. We aren’t sure why that pic exists and he felt the need to put on my grandmother’s outfit, but it does! It really inspired me to see that even during hard times my family has remained just as goofy as ever – trying to make good out of a bad situation. 🙂 There was also another picture of my grandmother in someone’s army uniform.

    What can I say? The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! (Remind me to post some of my goofball/dress-up pics)

  4. 4 Sean

    I can’t wait to see your goofball/dress-up pics! I think it comes down to living with a sense of play and fun. If that’s what defines our bonds of family, it’s the greatest feeling in the world!

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