I’m forcing fate – are you?


Do you tempt fate, or do you force it?

Do you ask fate for a favour, or do you grab it by the horns and tell it where to go?

Today I watched one of my favourite commercials (from the Nike Force Fate campaign) and it gave me a (good hard) jab in the ribs to remember to keep my eye on the prize. My dad gave me a really good piece of advice once: nobody’s going to look out for you, but you.  As cryptic as that message may sound, it’s true. Your life is in your hands. What are you doing with it?

I reflected on this a lot in February and came up with a plan for this month.  March is all about me. I always joke that I suffer from oldest child syndrome – taking care of everyone else before taking care of myself. As you can imagine that’s a lot of pressure. (Gives me an eye twitch just thinking about it).

But this month, I come first. My goals. My needs. My life. I am forcing fate.

So take some time to stop and think. What are your goals? What’s right for you? How are you forcing fate?  Leave a comment and let me know!


2 Responses to “I’m forcing fate – are you?”

  1. What’s right for me now is being a meritocrat: in my music, in my academics, and in my personal life.

    I too have suffered in a way from the same syndrome, heh, and I feel that I find my happiness in other people’s happiness. So I don’t mind going out of my way. But saying yes to everything has put a lot of pressure on me.

    So this is what I’m doing: learning to say no. Politely, of course, and committing to following up 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Aleks


  2. Hey @TabishB!

    Thanks for the great comment. I totally relate to learning how to say no with grace. It’s definitely something that is learned but think of it this way – if you are take care of yourself you’ll be able to take care of others better. 😉 (And the circle continues haha).

    Let me know how that goes btw – your saying no politely. Maybe you’ll have more luck than I did! 😀

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