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Last week was nuts! ING Direct Canada mobile banking launch event, Samsung 3D TV launch event and my first TwestivalTO! I’m tired just thinking about all the fun I had. Want to know more? Read it up!


Since becoming actively involved on Twitter I’ve been to some crazy fun events and I expect this Thursday will be no different! If you are in the Toronto area, you want to have some fun AND do some good please get your ticket to #TwestivalTO. Want to know more about the event, the charity or perhaps just read my Top 10 Reasons to go to TwestivalTO? It’s all here baby!

My biggest fans


I love seeing my family – they’re my biggest fans. No matter what the celebration (big or small) or how badly I may think I have messed up when I’ve had a bad day, they are there to lift me up or dry my tears. My family rocks – even that crazy uncle who intentionally mispronounces your name as a misguided sign of affection. 😉 Tell me a little about your family – blood related/adopted – and I’ll give you some great stories about mine. 🙂

Do you tempt fate, or do you force it? Do you ask fate for a favour, or do you grab it by the horns and tell it where to go?
Today I watched one of my favourite commercials (from the Nike Force Fate campaign) and it gave me a (good hard) jab in the ribs to remember to keep my eye on the prize. How are you forcing fate?