Oh I get by with a little #HAPPO from my friends – my profile


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I once heard a Chinese Proverb that changed my life: “One who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it.” I’m not a tattoo person myself, but I must admit I’ve often thought about getting that prominently inked on my body because it’s what automatically runs through my mind when I’m faced with a challenge.  I suddenly turn into Chuck Norris – kicking butt and taking names. 

When talking to an acquaintance at my gym about how I’ve always wanted to run a 10k they smirked and said, “You could never do that – look at your body!  You’re muscular and built for sprints, not endurance. It’s just not in your cards.”  I told them I’d prove them wrong and went on to race in the Sporting Life 10k not even three months later. 

My perfect challenge

So here I am, looking for my next challenge.  In fact, the perfect challenge – a position where I get to use all these emerging social media tools to tell a story.  A modern storyteller.  Someone that reaches out through your computer screen and introduces you to a world of thought-provoking conversation.  I want to take brands and teach them about all the wonders that public relations and the social media sphere can offer.  And it’s not easy – maybe that’s why I’m attracted to it. 

So why choose me?

  1. I love what I do. Call me old fashioned, but I live by the old adage that you need to love what you do.  Think about it – if you start working at 25 and work until 65 (average age of retirement) that’s 40 good years!  That’s a loooooong time to be stuck doing something you don’t enjoy.  I chose public relations because it’s what I’m good at and it’s what I love.  I can bring a level of ambition and drive you won’t get from another candidate.
  2. I’m malleable. I enjoy that people call themselves experts but I would rather call myself a student because I’m always learning and striving to learn.  In our society things change so quickly that you can be an expert today, and a newbie tomorrow.  Instead I’ve chosen to continually learn and expand my skills.  I read all the damn time (seriously, check out my recent post about my reading list), I attend many an event (I’ll be at PodCamp Toronto this weekend), and I’m always talking to my network trying to learn from them.
  3. I’m personable. Sure, as PR people we do a lot of writing but there’s something to be said for someone with a personal touch.  I’ve always been complimented on at my ability to build relationships at every level of the organization.  Remember that email isn’t everything.  When you’re in front of people giving a presentation or need to pick up the phone to make a call your writing skills will not save you.  You need someone that knows how to talk to people and that someone is me.

And my background?  I have strong experience proactively pitching stories to the media, working closely with reporters, creating multi-faceted communication plans, writing for print/web/microblogging platforms…all that good stuff you want from a PR professional…and more!  Why don’t you drop me a line at aleksandraDOTstalmachATgmailDOTcom and we can set up a time to review my resume and talk about it over coffee. 

Or you can check out my LinkedIn profile page for a snapshot of my experience. 

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In conclusion

And while I may not be able to grow a beard like Chuck Norris (and let’s be honest, who really can?) I am inspired to be just as tough and ingenious…perhaps even moreso in my own craft as storyteller and connector.


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