Get by with a little #HAPPO from your friends


A few weeks ago an amazing thing happened – an overflowing of passion and a lot of networking gave way to an amazing event that’s going to be taking place this Friday.  Hey – PR professionals!  Head’s up because this one’s for you!

Inspired to help out public professionals who looking for their next gig,  Arik Hanson and Valerie Simon contacted a number of prominent bloggers/influencers with a vision.  They realized that by using social media to leverage their time and network – two of the most valuable commodities they had – there was an opportunity to make a real difference.

Make way for the first ever HAPPO – Help a PR Pro Out day – where PR job seekers can connect with companies who have PR opportunities available.  Lead by your regional HAPPO champions, this event will help you connect and network with those in the field in your area.  I think I’m particularly lucky because the Toronto area has two of their finest PR pro’s helping out: Danny Brown and Dave Fleet. 🙂

The call to action is simple:

PR Pro’s: create a creative blog post and post it on Twitter using the hashtag #HAPPO

PR Employers: Follow the #HAPPO hastag on Twitter and connect those job seekers with your network.  Even better, if you have an opening share it with your regional HAPPO champions!

And of course the best part of this event is not only the idea that you could be making a difference in the career of a PR professional but also expanding your own network!  Who says you need to be a job seeker or have an opening to participate?  This event is about facilitating connections so join the HAPPO movement now!

I am super excited to participate (as a PR Pro job seeker myself <—shameless plug) but also to help my friends network and perhaps by doing so, help them land their next gig as well.  Every journey begins with just one step and this could be your way of helping someone on their PR journey – so go on, get HAPPO!

HAPPO on Facebook. HAPPO on Twitter.


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