Fact checking FTW (for the win)


It’s amazing how sometimes the littlest things slip by at the most inopportune moments.  With the Vancouver 2010 Olympics being broadcast on almost every television channel (every channel I have at least), it was only a matter of time someone was going to goof on live television.

And goof they did!

Here is one of my favourite goofs thus far occurring on the American channel NBC.  Gathered around a fire, toasting marshmallows the NBC personalities casually discuss who may be the final torchbearer for the Olympic games in Vancouver and somehow confuse Terry Fox (the cancer treatment activitist) and Michael J Fox (the Canadian-American actor).

You gotta see it to believe it:


My second favourite goof is by Brian Williams, longtime sports caster with CBC who is now on CTV.  He mistakenly goofs while leading into a commercial on Day 2 saying the standard “and all this coming up, right here on CBC..um…CTV…”.  All while you can hear people laughing in the background.  Still trying to find the video of this – if anyone has it please link me.  I would love to post it!

Later he admits, he was just waiting for that to slip out while he is on live television.


2 Responses to “Fact checking FTW (for the win)”

  1. OMG Michael Fox! what a bunch of losers. big difference family ties and cancer!

  2. You should see the comments I got on Facebook when I posed this video. One of my favourites was from a friend who said:

    “…The ‘best’ part is that they showed Terry, and then showed Michael right after. Someone didn’t clue in that the guy who died 30 years ago isn’t the guy from Back to the Future?”


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