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So I’m sitting in Loose Moose tweeting and texting my friends excitedly about the game and a friend sent this to me. I give you the Canadian Olympic Hockey Prayer: Our Father whom art in Vancouver, hockey be thy name. Thy will be done, the gold will be won, on ice as well as in […]

Ever since I met you I’ve felt like Tom Cruise on the Oprah Winfrey show…this is me jumping on my proverbial couch (but looking way less crazy). Twitter, I think I love you!

Brian Williams (CTV) and Brian Williams (NBC) are both iconic television powerhouses in their own right. Sharing a common name and job might be difficult but I’m sure it’s brought them a few laughs over the years. Check out this video of when the two Brian’s got together while in Vancouver for the 2010 Olympics.

  I once heard a Chinese Proverb that changed my life: “One who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it.” I’m not a tattoo person myself, but I must admit I’ve often thought about getting that prominently inked on my body because it’s what automatically runs through my mind when […]

This Friday February 19 is the first-ever Help a PR Pro Out day. Find out how to get involved and why you should be following the #HAPPO hashtag on Twitter!

Social media marketing is continually growing as business attempt to reach their consumers and create meaningful conversations with them. Check out these great visual stats posted by Flowtown about small to medium-sized business spending on social media.

It’s amazing how sometimes the littlest things slip by at the most inopportune moments. With the Vancouver 2010 Olympics being broadcast on almost every television channel (every channel I have at least), it was only a matter of time someone was going to goof on live television. And goof they did!