Can brands be *too* honest?


As my cousin once said about a coffee shop in Poland, “They couldn’t make good coffee if their livelihood depended on it…oh wait!  It does!”

Well while surfing Youtube earlier (read: for hours) I came across this Domino’s video that reminded me of that quote. Now I’m all for brands being honest (“transparent” to use the buzzword from 2009) but can a brand be too honest?   What are your thoughts?

Here’s the vid:


2 Responses to “Can brands be *too* honest?”

  1. I think transparency is good. Even when it means admitting people think your product sucks. It’s not like it was a big shock to say Domino’s pizza sucks. Now we may be going to far if we were to see big tobacco companies telling viewers that cigarettes have been killing people for years but I doubt it will come to that. I want more transparency, and with things like twitter and blogs like your, keeping secrets is the way of the past.

  2. I love transparency as long as you are going to do something about it. If a brand is going to say “ok, we know our product sucks and we’re trying to change that” then I as a customer/client want to see the changes. Transparency only works if you’re going to be honest if you’re going to follow through with what you are saying.

    We’ll see how this turns out for Domino’s. Anyone up for a taste test when they get their product quality back in order? 😉

    Random aside: Anyone have an example of transparency biting you in the proverbial behind?

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