Tech predictions for 2010


With a new year arriving comes speculation of the new latest and greatest in tech. I’m not one to hide my two cents about the matter so let me give you my predictions for 2010’s top five tech trends (in no particular order).

  1. Cloud computing – I think I can speak for many of us when I say geeks everywhere are looking forward to the day we can shed our cable coils and not need a shelf full of external hard drives to hold all our stuff.

    Cloud computing may be part of the solution to our query.  Google particularly has a good stronghold on this one with their Google Docs and Google Wave products, where documents and conversations are stored in the either.  But as time goes on you’ll find more companies will be moving towards this cloud. It helps us free up storage space by putting documents in the cloud and not on a hard drive and tools like Google Wave may help bring a new level to employee collaboration.   Not into creating/editing documents online, you say?  What about Evernote?  It uses the cloud to hold all those ideas you need reminding about.  No more jotting things down on scraps of paper and then wondering where they go!  It’s all in one central location.  The cloud is coming my friends – embrace it.
  2. Tablets will multiply and prosper – More and more companies will be putting their hats into the tablet proverbial ring.  Surely you’ve heard rumours of the fabled Apple tablet (Google Image search results here)?  Consumers are becoming more and more “wired” to their world, wanting to stay connected wherever they go and tablets are just the way to do it!  (And it goes without saying that there’s a certain slickness factor to them as well).
  3. WiFi for all – Cities will soon be blanketed in free WiFi and you’ll no longer be hard-pressed to find a signal.  That will be a very welcome outcome for those of us that don’t have data plans! *cough cough*
  4. 3D – Yes friends, it’s time for 3D everything!  3D TV’s, 3D movies…it’s coming back with geeky glasses in tow!  With James Cameron’s Avatar accelerating the 3D revolution, look for more dimensions coming to a living room near you.
  5. TV goes Web – With movies and other content being released online before they hit DVD, it’s no leap to think that soon we’ll be able to watch all our favourite content online!  It’s already starting with Rogers On Demand Online and the addition of CTV‘s video player where you can watch episodes of your favourite shows sans cable.  I expect that this will continue so much so that during Olympic season (for example) there will be premium content you can only view online and not on television.

There you have it my friends!  My top five tech trends for 2010.  What are your top five trends?  Do you think I missed anything that should be added to the list?  Drop me a comment!


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