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As my cousin once said about a coffee shop in Poland, “They couldn’t make good coffee if their livelihood depended on it…oh wait! It does!” Well I found another brand who’s livelihood depends on their product and have released a video about it. Can brands be *too* honest or are they just being transparent?


Haiti needs your help, not just your tweets! In this post I want you to pick a cause (mine is the Haitian Relief) and go offline and DO SOMETHING to help instead of just talking/emailing/tweeting about it. 🙂 Slacktivism needs to lead to action for their to be any social change.

The voice


Can Morgan Freeman’s voice be both the CBS Evening News & VISA? Or is he too attached to the VISA brand now?

With 2010 just beginning, us dorks are looking forward to the new trends that will be dominating the tech world. Here, in no particular order, are my top 5.

For those of you who travel often this little wonder is a must have…assuming you don’t care what people think.  I think this is an awesome little traveling suitcase that not only rolls, but acts as a scooter.  Not sure if this is in production or only a concept but I love it! What do […]